Named after our neighboring city, Portland, Oregon, the P-town is the wheel we all wanted and couldn't wait to build. Partnering with hub manufacturer White Industries has been great for our race wheels - now it is perfect for our P-Town. P-Town wheels are built on custom ENO and ENO Eccentric hubs and are available in multiple configurations. Now just about any frame can be turned into a stylish townie with the Rolf Prima P-Town wheel set.

The 34mm tall deep-section alloy clinchers don't just look great, they are torsionally stiff so your work turns into forward motion. Going fixed? Well you might not care that the brake tracks are CNC machined for use with rim brakes. If you like stopping or live near the steeps, that brake track is handy.

Wheel size: 700c
Weight: 1595gm set [745gm/850gm]
Weight - Eccentric ENO: 1655gm set [745gm/910gm]
Spoke count: bladed 14F/16R
Rim: 34mm alloy clincher
Hubs: Town - flip-flop fixed/freewheel single speed. Available in 120mm and 130mm rear spacing. 130mm is also available with White Industries ENO Eccentric.
Category: Town / single speed
Featured technology: Paired spokes, Jacketed Nipple Design™
Upgrades available: Prima Plus and Hero
US Retail: $749; Eccentric ENO: $799

Hero Program
product accessories

includes: Rolf Prima P-Town wheel systems include custom reinforced rim tape and CNC'd frame bolts. Protect your wheels with a Rolf Prima double wheel bag.